Orlando's Tango History

Orlando is one of the milongueros who still travels around the world with the style and culture of the original tango of the 40's and 50's.

He was raised among tango singers, tango musicians and tango dancers. His father, Rogelio Budini, was a composer of tango scores, played the bandoneon with the orchestra of Juan D' Arienzo and directed his own tango orchestra . So, since the early years of his life, Orlando learned to sense, to feel and to dance this music, deeply understanding what this dance and this music are all about.

Orlando is one of the founders of Tango Dallas and one of the first tango dancers in Houston to give a number of workshops and seminars, incuding seminars in San Antonio and Dallas. In Mexico, Orlando has taught Tango Milonguero in Monterrey several times, in Guadalajara, Acapulco, San Miguel de Allende and Distrito Federal; in Italy he has taught seminars in Todi, San Francisco de Assisi and Perugia; in France he taught in Tolouse and Paris. Orlando has also comprised the Jury at the "Tango Dance World Championship" in the United States and Buenos Aires.

Orlando has been the producer and director of the Metatango Festivals in Houston and Mexico, acquainting new tangueros with Argentina's tango masters. Currently, Orlando spends six months in Buenos Aires and the rest of the time in Europe, the Unites States, and Mexico. He dances and teaches his style of Tango Milonguero at the most popular milongas.

Orlando prefers to teach listening to the music and to understand "el golpe del compás" (the strike of the rhythm) and to DANCE WITH THE MUSIC in the most classical milonguero style (torso to torso), as it is danced in the milongas in Buenos Aires.